Monday, October 24, 2011

Men & Machines

As a society we've somehow lost our reverence for craftsmanship. Perhaps it's because we've become too accustomed to inexpensive stuff imported from overseas? Or perhaps because we've raised a couple of consecutive generations of Americans to believe you are a loser if you work with your hands? Whatever the reason, it is a poverty to have done so.

So in one itsy-bitsy effort to boost our aggregate appreciation for the result of one mans practiced skill, innate talent and hard work I present this video which came to me today:

MACHINE from matt machine on Vimeo.

Director - Mat Harrington
Editor - Ceinwen Berry
DOP - David Rusanow & Paul Mason
Music - Surya Bajracharya & Karuna Bajracharya
Post - Defintion Films - David Gross
VFX - Bryn Farrelly
Colourist - Trish Cahill
Sound - by Huzzah - Andrew Plain
Additional Music - Cameron Bruce
Graphics - WeBuyYourKids -​blog/​

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