Friday, October 7, 2011

Another thought on the passing of Steve Jobs

I own an iPod and an iPhone but I wouldn't consider myself an "Apple Guy" or by any means a habitue of the brand. I mean, it's just stuff. It's good, well designed and aesthetically pleasing stuff but I won't think for a second about buying something else that works as well or better at an equivalent price.

I recognize the brilliance of Jobs but consistently get a laugh out of his acolytes. Especially those who somehow consider Apple to be a more "morally or ethically righteous" company than others. Jobs was an absolute mercenary, a brutal negotiator, a ruthless competitor and the Chuck Norris of Identity Marketing.

Your iPhone was manufactured in Shenzhen, China.  Outsourcing baby! 

The iPhone sells at a retail price that gets Apple a 60% gross profit margin per unit and iPod's sell at nearly 90% profit margin. Greed is good my friends, greed is good!

That profit insulated Apple's stock value against the occasional shaky product launch or less than wonderful quarter. It funded the development of subsequent iPhone/iPod versions, funded the development of iPad and funds the salaries of countless neighbors & friends and may God bless Steve Jobs for it. Jobs created jobs and wealth and opportunity in a way no Government program, "Stimulus" or shady Solyndra Loan ever could.

He was the Henry Ford of the silicon age and I fear he is the last capitalist that people don't hate for his success.

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