Monday, December 3, 2012

Post Election Reflection.....

First a couple of brief, unrelated thoughts that I've been considering in the wake of our most recent elections:

- I said it in 2008 - I'll say it again now. I disagree with him about most everything but I sincerely hope Obama is able to make good on his promise. If he is, we all win......based on his track record however, I'm not feeling super confident in that.

- Entering this election cycle my most sincere hope was that our Nation's media would again return to the role of informing the populace rather than attempting to shape public opinion. To actually report facts and question the Government as opposed to serving as hagiographer. I held little confidence that this would occur and it seems my pessimism was justified. The mainstream press served as a marketing department for the incumbent rather than honest journalists and we are the worse for it. (...and before your reply "B,B,B,But Fox!" save it, they're biased too and at the end of the day it's one network vs CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, NPR/CfPB).

- A note to the GOP; Obama didn't win this election, you blew it. You allowed candidates in the races and topics into the discussion that had no place being there. Look, I hate the very idea of abortion and pray for any woman that is in a position to consider it but....Roe v Wade is settled case law. Debate whether it's good case law or not until you are blue in the face but it isn't going anywhere without a constitutional amendment. Nobody has the political will, let alone the political capital to make that happen...and honestly, I'm not convinced they should if they did. Knowing this to be true, there is absolutely no point in discussing it. It isn't going to change. Ever. Ever. No, really, not ever. Discussing it as an "issue" works like a charm if your goal is to fear-monger to those in favor of it or to gin up enthusiasm in those who would like to see it abolished but it's a pointless red herring that distracts from that which actually does bear discussion.