Monday, June 2, 2014

Last Fall's Harvest, This Spring's Sunday Dinner.....

I harvested a very nice deer last fall in the Sierra and have been enjoying various ways of preparing the amazing flesh from that beautiful animal. I've avoided though the smoker. I'd never smoked wild game and was worried that I'd ruin it and it'd come out dry and tough. Most of the recipe's I'd found either called for wrapping the meat in an armor plate of bacon or in some way braising it in the smoker. I wanted this stuff to still taste like venison, not bacon.

Decided to give it a whack this weekend though with a roast that had a fairly good bit of thin silverskin running all through it. I didn't label it when I butchered the deer so I don't recall if it came from the shoulder or hind 1/4. I figured if I kept it low/slow long enough I could get that stuff to break down and contribute some moisture.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

To Hell And Back...For A $2 Part

Prototype Development Group and the 2013 edition of the 25hrs of Thunderhill.

Every good story has a distinct beginning, middle and end. The story of Prototype Development Group and their 2013 campaign is no different.

The beginning….

After a good, but not great showing at the 2012 Edition of the 25hrs of Thunderhill, team PDG owners Yvonne & Richard Migliori committed to a full racing schedule for 2013. Operating on the theory that iron sharpens iron, the focus was on competition and lots of it to gain more experience for the team and drivers and a deeper knowledge of the strengths and limitations of the Factory Five Racing GTM and of their competitors cars. To that end, Team PDG entered 5 endurance races in the ES class and 10 sprint races in Super Unlimited. 
The results? In the endurance races team PDG collected podium finishes in 100% of the races including a spectacular overall win at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah and their 2nd NASA WERC series championship.  In sprint races team PDG collected podium finishes in 90% of the races and again, won the series championship. 

An utterly dominant collection of podium finishes in 14 out of 15 races entered and 1st place in 10 out of 15.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Green River Video

I finally got around to compiling my video from a 2010 trip to the Green River in Utah. Huge thanks to Troy of Maddy The Goose, Greg Yoder of Mr.Diversity and Kevin Callan for the inspiration. Thanks to Tex's Riverways for the shuttle and advice. Visit for a transcript of my trip journal and tons of photos.

The video is rather long, but the scenery is spectacular....makes me want to do a return trip.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Richard Sherman and what that outburst says about you.....

I've always been a Stanford fan, and a fan of Richard Sherman, despite the fact that he now plays for a rival of the 49ers. Richard Sherman is a phenomenal athlete and whether Michael Crabtree wants to say so or not, he IS the best defensive back in football and arguably, the most impactful defensive player this year. He is a well educated man (Stanford graduate in 2010 and currently working on a Masters Degree) and one can assume, given where he's from that he was raised exceptionally well to have achieved that.

Last night Sherman, broke the internet after losing his mind in a post game interview with Erin Andrews thus exposing a fascinating dichotomy in what sort of behavior we view as acceptable. There seems to be little gray area in regard to opinion on this. Many, myself included, believe he acted inappropriately. Others still, seem to be making excuses for him based on the emotion of the moment. Two such pundits are David Flemming and Joe Posnanski, both of which I have tremendous respect for.