Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Annoying Co-Worker Chronicles - Ep1

The early morning quiet fills my workspace as Silicon Valley is just begining to wake.

The rising sun casts a beam of light intermittently into my office reflected off the windshields of passing cars.

I take another sip of freshly brewed coffee (the good stuff I keep in my desk) and in a moment, my peace is assaulted by the smell of pork products and the din of abrading thighs tightly wrapped in polyester as my bosses 350lb admin waddles to her desk.

In her hand, a bag of McDonalds breakfast gut-bombs for her first of many feedings for the day.

The morning solitude has ended and I'm reminded that we call this "work".

Originally written in March of 2002 and published to an H3 list-serve.

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