Friday, May 18, 2012

Good People Doing Good Things...With Fast Cars #2

It's happened to all of us.....

You're sitting in traffic in your car. A car you don't particularly care for. Maybe it's old, maybe it needs work, maybe it's just not the car you want. You see something swoopy and shiny in the mirror and you glance to the side as it passes, and you see the mile-deep paint, you discern the exotic pedigree of the car, you notice the conspicuously throaty exhaust, perhaps you even look long and hard enough to see a pricey watch on the wrist of the driver and you feel a twinge of jealousy. You know you shouldn't but you do and even if only for a moment you think; "He's probably an a-hole".

Maybe not.....

If the sound of the tandem Ferrari Enzo's doesn't bring you to tears, the story will.

"Your ride is here" is a non-profit all-volunteer organization based in Austin, TX that in partnership with exotic car dealer John Eagle European Motors, provides rides, free of charge, for cancer patients to and from their treatment appointments.

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  1. I admire your advocacy in helping cancer patients.This is a noble work and I hope many cancer patients can enjoy their ride on these fast cars..Thanks for sharing!I support you guys!