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Bullmastiff Rescue.....Closure...

I cannot describe the joy I'm feeling right now. In December of 2011 Dawn Hamilton and a massive group of dedicated volunteers undertook the daunting task of rescuing 27 Bullmastiffs from a horrible situation in Las Vegas, Nevada. The dogs were owned by a person who fancied himself a breeder but in reality was a bit of a hoarder and seriously neglected the feeding, veterinary care and socialization of the dogs. Many of the dogs had significant health issues due to the filth they were forced to live in. In some cases the dogs were 2nd or 3rd generation that hadn't received proper vaccinations. There were behavioral issues with many of the dogs due to isolation or improper socialization. Tens of thousands of dollars were raised by the American Bullmastiff Association to fund their care and transportation.

As of this week, the last of the 27 dogs has found a new "forever home". Rescue is so often stressful for those who put in the work, the time and money, but these are the joyous moments that make it all worthwhile. Jewlz adopted out the last of the Nevada surrender dogs a couple months ago. Boy, since renamed Bo, was with Jewlz over a year, but he is now in his forever home with Bob & Mary in Washington.

Jewlz has been a lifesaver for rescue many times over and when Ithe organization was slammed with the NV dogs, she and others in OR and WA stepped up and took several of the first 15 dogs into foster, so we could make room for the remaining dogs who still needed to be picked up.   Seeing these dogs get a second chance at a loving home and good life, is what its all about and without volunteers and fosters opening their homes and hearts to these dogs, it wouldn’t be successful.  Many of the dogs were rehomed in a matter of a few short weeks, others took longer.

Not all the news is bright however. Because many of the dogs had never left the property and most had never been vaccinated many of them contracted Parvo from their initial vaccination. A few didn't survive the ordeal including two puppies, Violet & Clyde.

Cowboy who was deaf and had lived his 6 yrs in his own world, could not handle the stress of all the changes he encountered from boarding kennel to vets office, and so many strangers. He lost it at the vet office and had to be put to sleep. He never had a chance at normalcy like his deaf sister, but he was a sweet loving boy who will always be in our heart.  His ashes are with Dawn forever.

Remy had a home with a retired man for a while. She had her own special birthday party with her own birthday crown and a cake.  She was loved by her owner and all his neighbors and friends.  She was always one tough bitch and though she was wonderful with people and kids, any chance she got to go after other dogs, she took full advantage.  Unfortunately, she took three opportunities to go after other dogs and  after spending three stints in animal control for minimally biting people trying to break up the fights, the county refused to give her back and she was put down. 

Repo unfortunately never got a chance to have his own home. Repo was just under two years of age when we got him had never been vaccinated.  When we got the dogs, they all had to be vaccinated.   From living in their bubble with no exposure to disease to build up immunities, their immune system was compromised. Repo came down with parvo 7 days after we got him, and died within 12 hours.

Roscoe went to a foster home in WA.  He was very happy and very loved.   He was very good, until he wasn’t.  Out of the clear blue he viciously attacked the female he had been living with in harmony.  After the attack, he never seemed right, he was unstable and unsafe even for his foster mom who had planned on adopting him.  Roscoe was with someone who loved him and who he loved when he said goodbye.

These weren't bad dogs. They were physically and psychologically damaged by the pathetic bastard who previously owned them. They were never able to live the life of a normal dog and their deaths are on his hands. Sleep well you jackass.

Cece lives with her humans and her new buddy, Simon in Northern California.  They are very active, frequently go to work with mom and apparently hiking near Lake Tahoe.

Many dog rescuers believe that with a new life comes a new name.  Crystal, the big girl with skin disease, entropian and cysts on her feet is now named Ethel. After putting her on thyroid meds, her feet healed and now she goes for walks with her new family.  She had bloody feet from sores and swelling when we got her and was overweight.  She now has a svelte figure and pretty feet that no longer hurt.

Ebear is now named Cupcake and is now living with one of Dawn's co-workers and her husband in the Phoenix area.  He made such a hit with them, they adopted Angel (Not a NV Dog) recently to give him a buddy.   The two of them play and play, sleep, then play some more. 

Prancer had huge black callouses from sleeping on concrete with no bed, and some bad scars from scrapes with other dogs along with a very advance entropian that nearly cost him an eye. He has moved to Oregon and now lives with an active young couple is doing very well and apparently doesn't mind cats.


Izzy who was 8yrs old when rescued, had been bred multiple times but surprisingly was in amongst the best physical condition of all the dogs is now living a life of comfort and relaxation with a retired couple and three other dogs in Surprise, AZ.

JJ is living with another retired couple also in Surprise AZ, she hates mirrors and had to work with a trainer for several months but is very happy in her new home.

Lexi had a torn ACL tendon. Due to her age it was decided that it not be repaired. With a bit of care and rest it has healed enough to make her as comfortable as possible. She has a new family in Oregon and is doing very well. 

Redmon before
Redmon was a psychological mess. So afraid of his surroundings that he literally wouldn't move. He had to be picked up and carried from place to place. He was fostered for a while at a boarding Kennel in Fountain Hills, AZ. A volunteer at the kennel fell for Redmon and took it upon himself to work with him and help him get over his fear and distrust of humans. 
He wanted to adopt Redmon but he'd just lost his job and the timing wasn't right. The opportunity came for Redmon to go to WA to Jewlz for some rehab and learning to trust people, he left AZ and took a long drive to WA.   While there, the wonderful volunteer in AZ stayed in touch with Jewlz and eventually decided to go through with the adoption.  Redmon who had
Redmon now
gotten much braver flew in an airplane back to AZ, and though he still has some issues, he is making great progress in learning to be a regular dog in his new home, with his new doggie friends.  He still goes for lots of walks with his new owners and is learning obedience.

Snort was one of the dogs who contracted Parvo from his first vaccination. He survived that and my wife Kathy and I adopted him and brought him to our home in Mountain View, CA and changed his name to Guinness. He had never been on a leash, in a yard, in a house or ridden in a car. He was terrified of passing through doors and of large spaces like a yard or living room. The only time he seemed comfortable was when around other dogs. The problem with that though was that though he had been raised "near" other dogs, it was clear that he had never directly interacted with them. Consequently he didn't understand the hierarchy of K9 communication and would occasionally lash out at a dog for a fairly minor dominance effort. The hardest thing for us to deal with though was his distrust of humans, mostly men....gee, ya think? He connected a bit with Kathy and would allow (grudgingly) our female friends to pet him but he wanted nothing to do with me or any other male and would leave the
room when I entered. Guinness has been with us for about 1.5yrs and has made excellent progress especially in the last 6mos since we've added Lulu, another rescue Bullmastiff to our home.

Rosie and Sader were the two puppies that survived their bouts with Parvo. Rosie lives in coastal Central CA with a gentleman and his two college age kids where she is very happy and very spoiled.

Sader, now named Hudson is living in Northern CA and was taught the ropes by two other older Bullmastiffs who sadly recently passed. Hudson was given a great surprise when he was given a new surrogate mother, Mooha who the family recently adopted.  

TT, now named Sweetie found a forever home in Washington with a retired couple, two other dog-buddies and a nice warm fireplace to curl up in front of.

Ava found her forever home with a young family in Arizona. She is well loved, deeply spoiled, has taken over the couch and apparently is a bit of a ham when the camera comes out.

Brindee now lives with a retired couple in Sedona, AZ. She still has difficulty with her eyesight, probably from living in a garage for years and not being exposed to bright light. She is very much loved and happy in her home but remains uncomfortable with strangers due to lack of socialization. She hangs out in her bedroom when company is over.

Teala spent some time fostered by Jewlz in Washington before being adopted by a great family with two teenage kids. Renamed Dugan, she now also has a new Bullmastiff brother named Huck.

Titan lives in a beautiful home in Los Altos, CA with a great family with two young kids and a Bullmastiff Sister. He has become best buddies with Graham and loves hiking with the family.

If you are reading this, you clearly have in your heart a love for animals, especially those who need a second chance at life. I urge you to support your local Animal Shelter and the Rescue organization of your favorite breed. If you have room in your life for a dog, please contact one of these organizations first. There are great dogs out there that simply need a new home in which to flourish.

If you are one of the new parents of the NV dogs please contact me through this blog or through Dawn Hamilton. I'd love to post a more detailed update on how each of the NV dogs are doing.

Special thanks to Dawn, Jewlz and all the volunteers and donors who helped save these dogs. I know Guiness thanks you and I'm sure the rest do as well.

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