Friday, November 18, 2011

Old Iron At The Autocross

Autocross is the most accessible and inclusive form of motorsport. You can participate in it using literally any street legal vehicle imaginable. Do you own a brand new Porsche GT2? You’re just as welcome as a guy with a 15 year old Toyota. The best part is that the classing is such that you’ll be “racing” against cars of similar capability. In comparison to other motorsports it’s ridiculously safe as well. You aren’t likely to damage the car other than wearing out your tires a little quicker and the odds of crashing into anything other than an orange traffic cone are really low.

I happen to have an affinity for older cars and there are a couple of local autocross organizations who’ve made specific accommodations to encourage older cars participation. In some cases they are vintage autocross specific cars that were built ages ago and have been retained and maintained in period correct trim. In other cases, folks have taken older cars and modernized them with high tech drivetrains, suspensions, brakes and tire/wheel packages. Below are a few examples of each. If you know the owners or histories of some of these cars please comment at the bottom of this post.

Frank Stagnaro's legendary C-Prepared Mustang
Nutty Austin Healy Stuffed With A Fire Breathing Turbo Mazda Rotary
Jesus Villareal's Lotus Europa
Brian Hobaugh's Immaculate '73 Camaro

Mary Pozzi's Recently Completed '73 Camaro...Yes The Hood & Nose Are Carbon Fiber
A Great "Survivor" '69 Camaro Originally Built As A CP Car In The Mid-70's
James Shipka's Ultra-Modernized '67 Camaro
Another Wild Mazda Powered Austin Healy

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