Tuesday, June 25, 2013

High Alpine Hunting Prep, CA

Recently, a friend of mine and I began our preparation for this years deer season. The first step was to evaluate water and food levels in the area's we plan to hunt and look for signs of deer traffic. We spent a very long day at rather high altitude and despite the low snowpack this year found a fairly robust food and water supply in this location.

Beyond that, we simply had a great time exploring a very remote part of California.

Conifers at this altitude take a beating from wind and snow loading. These trees were quite stunted in height, but super thick at their base.

Wildflower studded lava field with miles and miles of forest in the background.
Glacial plain at ~6000'

Lava dike defines the ridgeline
Last remnants of this years snowpack

This band of thunderstorms chased us down the mountain

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