Monday, February 25, 2013

Gun Laws and Gun Violence...what you think is probably wrong.

Freakanomics. A project of Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner manages to piss people off on both sides of the political aisle by virtue of their goring the sacred cows of each with simple but uncomfortable facts, logic and numbers. If you haven't read their book, you ought to. Caution, uncomfortable truths contained therein.

Recently, on their American Public Media broadcast they went after the issue of the efficacy of Gun Laws and the potential impact of more restrictive additional laws. The podcast is about 30min long and well worth the listen.

LEVITT: I would just say that anyone with any sense looks at the current political climate, thinks about the kinds of proposals that are being made and accepts the fact that none of these proposals are going to have any real impact at all.

Which begs the question....

What then, is the REAL purpose of increased restrictions on lawful gun ownership if there is no demonstrable decrease in crime and violence?

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