Thursday, September 22, 2011

The San Jose Mercury News - You Suck!

My Grandmother, Eleanor Marie Turretto, passed away last month. If you've been reading this blog, that's two Grandmothers and a dog in less than a year. I've not yet begun to process this and the impact on my life and my Grandfathers so I won't touch on that here. The point of this post is to vent a little on the San Jose Mercury News and it's owner, the Bay Area News Group.

Anyone that has put together a funeral & burial knows it isn't cheap but one particular expense involved seemed to me particularly egregious. The Obituary. Have a look below, this ran for three days in the Mercury and it's posted on their website. Care to guess what it cost?

80 words and a photo, 3 days in print = $630.00

For what is essentially a public service. Nice huh? In contrast, when I live in NYC I had the unenviable task of posting three different Obituaries in the New York Times. Grand total for all three Obituaries = $0.00.

A hearty "Fuck You!" to the San Jose Mercury News, you mercenary bottom-feeding S.O.B's

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  1. unfortunately the Merc will never read this.